With a fundamental capability of nanolithography and etching to produce high resolution structures, a range of applications are addressed by the Transfer Devices technologies, including the manufacturing of semiconductors, photonic elements, and MEMS. Furthermore, the unique advantages of the technology, such as in flexible substrate manufacturing, enable additional applications and devices for the nanopatterning technique.

For manufacturing electronic and related devices of complexity and integration, TDI has developed an advanced lithographic system and fabrication line, which is capable of producing in high volume the nanostructures that define the speed, memory, or optical performance of several prevalent consumer devices as well as emerging wearable devices

TDI enables the production of advanced nano-scale designs through very high resolution precision manufacturing technology, which is cost effective.  For example, TDI’s current technology consists of fabricating an optical component that has sub-100nm feature sizes on 24” and larger area substrates for high volume applications, which was not possible to manufacture previously because of the challenges of printing nanoscale features on large panels.