Advanced nanomanufacturing equipment to conduct the patented molecular transfer lithography processes, which includes template replication, functional material coating, and materials transfer technology for high resolution, automated nanopatterning on large area substrates.

MxL-2G Molecular Transfer Lithography Equipment

For processing panel substrates to Gen 2, TDI designs, manufactures, and sells the MxL-2G equipment to perform the MxL class of patterning processes, which utilize PVA soluble templates.  The capability includes the production of sub-50nm nanostructures across large area substrates, including glass panels and silicon wafers.  Optimized for transferring functionalized PVA templates to the substrate using thermal processes to achieve nanopatterning of the functional material on the substrate.  A global alignment mechanism is used to align the PVA template to the substrate, and achievable throughput is at least one panel per minute or better.  Moreover, after transfer of the functional material onto the substrate, it is normally necessary to dissolve the PVA template to reveal the patterned material.  Therefore TDI coordinates a dissolve station with the transfer station for high speed removal of the PVA template, comprised of a combination of immersion and spray systems.



ACN-2G Automated Coating and Nanoimprint Equipment

Automatic spin coating of photosensitive imprint materials followed by automatic movement of the substrate into an adjacent and integrated imprinting unit for imprint patterning and UV curing.  Geared for Gen 2 panel operation of 370 mm x 470 mm substrates.  Plumbed for automated coating of up to two materials.

Imprint equipment


FS-2G Functional Material Spin Coating Equipment

For spin-coating substrates up to 24” diagonal, including glass panels and semiconductor wafers, a high speed material coating station with automated dispense mechanism and computer input controls.  The unit also includes controllable lid position to optimize the spin coat uniformity.  In addition, the equipment includes user settings of the ramp profile including acceleration and speed control.



MxL-8 Manual MxL Nanopattering Equipment

For high resolution patterning of smaller sized substrates from 50 mm to 200 mm, the MxL-8 is a nanolithography tool that uses material-coated water-soluble templates to produce sub-50 nm features over large-area substrates in less than one minute cycle time. With a range of applications from photonics to semiconductor manufacturing, the MxL-8 completes a turn-key patented solution to nanolithography, containing all necessary equipment and materials when combined patented water-soluble pre-coated templates from TDI. The advantages of the MxL-8 when coupled with pre-coated soluble templates include: high yields with low defect density by eliminating template separation; high aspect ratio features; cost effective processing; dry resist processing as the materials can be pre-coated; a range of functional material transfers; multi-level patterning; and many other advances.