PVA Soluble Templates

The core technology of TDI is its PVA soluble templates, which are high resolution, conformal nanopatterning templates, which dissolve in water but not in most functional materials such as resist and other organic polymers, enable the MxL class of processes, replicated conveniently from large area master topography.  After the formation of the PVA template, it is coated with a functional material layer, such as resist for use as an etch mask, post processed, inspected, packaged, and shipped to the user, thereby providing an efficient, convenient dry product ready for immediate cost effective implementation while eliminating the need for resist tracks.  TDI manufactures sets of templates to order, and integrates these templates with TDI equipment for a seamless nanopatterning solution.


The advantages of the PVA template technology include:

  • High resolution nanopatterning templates to 10nm feature sizes
  • Large area patterning to Gen 2 (370 mm x 470 mm) and beyond
  • Functional material transfer
  • Designed to enable the MxL nanopatterning technique
  • Templates can be coated with resists, polymers, metals
  • Conformal, water dissolvable, high throughput templates
  • Templates replicated conveniently from master topography


Visually Seamless Gen 2 Masters

TDI offers process and technology to produce large area masters in Silicon thin films on glass for high resolution contact based printing methodologies, including the MxL patterning methods as well as nanoimprint.  The seamlines of the stitched zones are less than 500 nm and the field size of the stitched areas is roughly 200 mm x 200 mm over the Gen 2 master panel, 370 mm x 470 mm, which scales to larger sizes.

Seamless master