Materials, Processes, App’s.

TDI has the PVA material patented for template generation as an article of manufacture.  Moreover, the patents cover functional materials, including polymers, coated onto the template surface.

In addition, TDI has multiple processes that are patent protected for the implementation of dissolvable and single-use templates to transfer materials to and pattern materials on secondary surfaces. The applications covered by the patents include electronics, displays, memory storage, photonics, biochips, and other areas.  A sampling of the patented processes includes:

  • Molecular Transfer
  • Fluidic displacement
  • Metallic film transfer
  • Standalone film transfer
  • Single-sided patterning into encapsulating film
  • Double-sided patterning

The molecular transfer process is represented by the following schematic in which a PVA dissolvable template is coated with a material that is subsequently adhered to a substrate.  The PVA template is dissolved in water thereby revealing the high resolution material structure.


The patents include:  US 6849558, US 7345002, US 7981814, China ZL 03813786.0, China ZL 200810007093.5, China ZL 2008101727094, Japan 4671690, Japan 5102809, Japan 5525707, EP 1540716, EP 2177950, Germany 60343644.7, Great Britain 03770336.0, France 10000343.3, Hong Kong 05109963, Korea 700238, Singapore 108058, and other patents pending.

Advantages of the Molecular Transfer Process

Attribute Comment
Large Area Bonding, dissolving for very large area substrates
Yield Pre-inspected template dissolved away in water
Throughput Fast, single bond step patterns full wafer
Cost Low-cost bond tool; elegant consumable
Operations Simple:  No light source; no reuse; no resist
Scalability Resolution good for multiple nodes
Convenience One step operation; no handling resist
Green Water dissolvable
Conformal Handles wafer topography
Range Functional material transfer; conductive, oxides
Reliability templates pre-inspected for each run
Experience Multiple years of production usage