TDI has licensed a portfolio of patents from Stanford University that comprise:

  • Processes for pattern formation which involve the replication of a template, the interaction of materials with the template, and destroying the template to release the patterned materials from the template;
  • As articles of manufacture, the use of PVA as a patterned film replica;
  • Devices formed from these processes, which include applications in semiconductor, photonics, and biotechnology.

The issued patents include US 6849558, US 7345002, US 7981814, China ZL 03813786.0, China ZL 200810007093.5, China ZL 2008101727094, EP 2177950, Japan 4671690, Japan 5102809, Korea 700238, Singapore 108058, and several other US and International patents pending.

Including the licensed portfolio, TDI has over 20 patents which cover  materials, processes, applications, and equipment for the formation of microstructures and nanostructures, as well as the nanotransfer methods of functional materials.