Transfer Devices Introduces NanoFilm for Curved Surface Patterning

Transfer Devices, Inc., a nanotechnology company developing molecular transfer lithography (MxL) processes for high resolution patterning, has introduced a product line called NanoFilm for producing nanostructures and microstructures of polymers and metals on curved surfaces, such as cylinders and spheres.  There are a variety of applications for the technology including optics, electronics, and biotech devices.

The template comprising NanoFilm is produced with structures of a functional nature, for example photonic and electrical circuitry, and then deposited with material, prior to transfer patterning onto the final substrate.  The thin film nature of NanoFilm and its inherent strength and elasticity permit accurate transfer onto the substrate. Moreover, after transfer of the materials to the substrate, the NanoFilm is completely dissolved away in water thereby enabling access to the structures transferred.  TDI has demonstrated the technology for sub-50nm features, including gratings and arrays.

Charles Schaper, Founder and CEO of TDI, notes, “High resolution patterning over non-flat surfaces is challenging for several technical reasons, including a lack of focus for photolithographic approaches and an inability to closely conform for template-based contact approaches.  By utilizing an ultra thin film template with high modulus, and a transfer-based nanopatterning approach, a range of high resolution patterns and materials are possible on unconventional substrates, such as those with doubly-curved surfaces.”

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