In China, Third MxL Patent Granted

Concerning patents licensed to TDI from Stanford University, international patent coverage
is extended for molecular transfer lithography processes and PVA templates

Santa Clara, CA, February 26, 2014 – With patents granted in the U.S. including 6,849,558 and 7,345,002 and 7,981,814 for the molecular transfer lithography (MxL) processes achieving high resolution nanopatterning with templates that are destroyed as part of the replication procedure, the China patent office has given notification that fundamental broad patent claims have been accepted, which is third patent granted in China regarding the MxL technology. From Stanford, TDI has licensed the patent portfolio associated with the MxL processes and PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) nanostructured templates, including all international filings, and additional divisional patents currently pending.

“In extending to China the strong patent position of the seminal work constituting MxL processing and PVA templates that TDI has obtained through a licensing agreement with Stanford University, this growing patent portfolio provides protection to all stakeholders involved in the commercialization of the MxL/PVA technology, including customers,” stated Charles Schaper, President and CEO of TDI.