In Europe, MxL nanotechnology patents granted

For advanced materials nanopatterning, lithographic technologies, and applications international patent coverage is expanded

Fremont, CA, April 21, 2016 – With patents granted in the U.S. including 6,849,558; 7,345,002; 7,981,814 for the molecular transfer lithography (MxL) processes achieving high resolution nanostructures with soluble templates that are destroyed as part of the materials transfer replication procedure, the European patent office has granted a patent to Stanford University, 1540716, along with prior patents. From Stanford, TDI has licensed the patent portfolio associated with the MxL processes and PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) soluble nanostructured functional templates, including all international filings, and additional divisional patents currently pending. The patent offices in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and others have also awarded patents associated with the fundamental work on soluble template replication and materials transfer comprising the MxL processes and PVA templates, for nanopatterning and applications.