Nanostructure Fabrication Technology and Processes

In developing processes and technology for the realization of high resolution pattern formation of nanostructures over large area substrates, TDI enables new applications in semiconductors, consumer electronic devices including displays, and biomedical devices. To achieve an optimal result, comprehensive solutions are developed for molecular transfer lithography processes that include: integrated equipment systems and the consumables, such as soluble nanostructured templates coated with functional materials.

Novel Device Designs and Applications

Through the implementation of its advanced manufacturing technology of nanostructures, combined with innovative designs that utilize the basic capabilities of the manufacturing technology with unique materials, TDI produces novel nanostructured devices.

Manufacturing Advanced Devices

In addition to developing full nanopatterning solutions, TDI coordinates and develops the complementary processing steps to complete the manufacture of the final devices for evaluation prior to high volume manufacturing, which is performed in conjunction with partners.