About TDI

Transfer Devices (TDI) was founded in 2004 to commercialize research in molecular transfer lithography that was conducted at Stanford University, which included licensing of an international patent portfolio. TDI’s initial product consisted of the dissolvable PVA template, which enables high resolution patterning of materials.  The initial application was for nanoscale manufacturing of high brightness illumination devices that were ultimately incorporated within commercial consumer electronics products. TDI built on this process technology to include equipment to align and bond the templates onto substrates as well as equipment to replicate the templates.  In addition, TDI through partnerships integrated etching equipment to comprise a full manufacturing line for nanopatterning.  In addition to developing the manufacturing technology for its patented molecular transfer lithography processes, TDI also develops new designs in nanoelectronics and biomedical applications that apply the dissolvable template coated with functional materials.


TDI uses automated technology to process Gen 2 panels (370mm x 470mm) for advanced LCD manufacturing.